Hakkı Kantarcı A.Ş.


Since its foundation was laid in Konya / Akşehir in 1982, Hakkı Kantarcı A.Ş. is one of the respected family companies that has proven itself with its balanced structure, prudent management approach and financial strength, operating in the fields of wholesale retail and tourism. The company, whose foundations were laid by Hakkı Kantarcı, which gave the company its name, started its commercial activity with the distribution of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages in Konya / Akşehir and retail wholesale of various companies.

The company made its first investment in the tourism sector in 2004 with a 120-room 4-star White City Beach Hotel and continued its second touristic facility investment in 2013 with a 5-star 240-room White City Resort Hotel in Alanya Türkler. Today, Hakkı Kantarcı Co. continues its activities in Akşehir Konya with its regional distributorships - wholesale food sales distribution marketing and touristic facilities of various companies.

Our Mission

By following the developing dynamic tourism world closely, it is always to offer our customers superior services, service and quality with a highly trained professional team spirit with fast adaptations. To renew ourselves with human resources and facility investments and to meet all the needs and expectations of our valued customers.

Our Vision

To be a company that makes a difference in the hospitality industry in domestic and international markets and is known for its quality.

To create value for our customers, to meet their expectations with quality and stability and to be solution partners.

Our Quality Policy

Corporate social responsibility is very important for our company. Our aim is to maximize the income of our investors while minimizing the environmental impact of the investments.

Hakkı Kantarcı A.Ş. It pays attention to ensure that all resources such as energy, water, etc. are sustainable in all its projects.

Our hotels are certified by “Greening Hotels”.

Greening Hotels Project, which started in 2009 with the cooperation of TUROB and Bureau Veritas for World Water Forum participants and continued to grow in cooperation with the Sustainability Academy; As a joint project of TUROB, Sustainability Academy and Bureau Veritas, it is aimed to increase the number of green accommodation facilities.

Hakkı Kantarcı Tourism

Enjoy a boutique holiday in 5 star White City Resort Hotel inTurkler-Alanya and 4 star White City Beach Hotel - Konakli in Alanya, where you will experience entertainment, wellness-care and excellent flavors. Get ready to enjoy your holiday with the experience and comfort of White City. White City experience awaits you to experience the holiday at high quality standards at affordable prices.

Hakkı Kantarcı Wholesale Marketing

Hakkı Kantarcı continues to distribute alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and wholesale food sales distribution and marketing activities of various companies in Konya / Akşehir and nearby region.


Turkey's Biggest Service Exporter

Date: 10 January 2019

We are proud of being 273th in the general ranking and 24th in the industry ranking on Turkey’s 2017 list of the 500 GREAT SERVICE EXPORTERS that Organized by the Turkey Exporters Assembly.

Fair Definitions with NasreddinHodja

Date: 6 March 2018

Hakkı Kantarcı Inc. not only promoting their own products in the tourism sector; continues its promotional activities together with NasreddinHodja, the great thinker and scholar of Akşehir, the city of which he was named.

ITB Berlin Fair with the Participation of Mr. Mevlüt ÇAVUŞOĞLU

Date: 10 March 2017

Our Foreign Minister, Mr. MevlutCavusoglu with valuable participation in the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair was inaugurated Turkey's stand. As a White City Hotels family, his visit to our stand gave us honor.


Hakkı Kantarcı Tourism
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Human Resources


Recruitment Process

Our main principle in the recruitment process; to provide opportunities for people who have the competencies required by the job and who can protect and maintain our corporate values. In recruitment; Candidates who are successful in human relations, prone to teamwork, confident, dynamic and creative are given priority.


Orientation trainings are given to new employees in line with the requirements of their positions. With these trainings in accordance with the task, it is aimed to adapt the employee to the task and the company as soon as possible.


For the continuous development of our employees, we provide internal and external trainings for their professional and personal development, and we closely follow the technological developments necessary to achieve the goals set in order to keep our quality constant and ensure that our employees learn.


With the Internship Programs, we aim to benefit from qualified workforce in the short term and to evaluate and direct the students who may be our potential employees in the long term. Applications for the Internship Program are accepted in April every year. Applications are evaluated within the same period and all candidates are informed positively / negatively.

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